Ask for Your Entertainment Only


God Afternoon, Dad.

Here i am writing a letter for You. Ehm…just like every moment i do, Dad, may i say thanks for this beautiful grace You’ve given to me. It’s too much that i have to share it to others. Nice to have the right and trustness directly from You to do these all meaningfull things. I feel respectfull because of You.

Dad, thanks for giving me a way to see my future, right beside You. Who i am that You really consider me as a valuable creation. I am embarrassed when i find that i always make You sad, even cry. I know, i can feel it and see those grains of tear in Your face just because i doubting Your promises.

But, Dad, sometimes i can’t avoid this bad feeling attacking me always. I need your power and love to bandage my broken feeling. And i need Your Wise word to tell the truth behind.

Dad, i am glad to see that each day You eliminate the spam of vision so i can see more clearly my future in Yours. But, sometimes it confusing me, Dad. So, when it comes, may i ask for Your Entertainment Only? I mean, You, alone, entertaining me. No one else, nothing else, but You, Dad.

May i, Dad?

I will always love You so.

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