Talk Too Much


Have u ever felt melting down because of talking too much? Well, wheter it is our natural or artificial characteristic, talking too much sometimes become a weapon. Just remember the parable “Your Mouth is Your Tiger”. Ups…It’s awful!.

Tigers are consider as wild animal. The back teeth of tigers are enable to shear meat of their prey like a knife blades. Tigers are capable to penetrate deeply into their prey because of their teeth structure. Just imagine, how hurt the pray feels.

Related to this parable, we can assume that our mouth is very dangerous to others, especially our enemy (compare with tiger’s prey). Small opening of our mouth is potential to break a heart, and the big opening as well as much of talking on it is more potential to kill a heart. I did, i tried to prove this hypothesis. I opened my mouth, just small opening, it is said that i am disturbing someone by these whisperedly saying words. When i open bigger, it is said that i am a big mouth, they don’t like. When i put much of talking on the big mouth, they stop it and feel not comfort with me. From these facts, i realize, bigger mouth opened, more bulk words potentially come on it, more potential hurting heart.

The thesis become like this: talk less, hurt less; too much, more potential to kill.

But wait, is our mouth so awful like constructed by this parable? Let’s contemplate it. It is believed that there’re not only one spectacless to interpret a case. It is a must to find other way. “Tiger” in the “Your mouth is Your Tiger” parable can be best replace by weapon (considering that tiger is compare with a weapon to or a knife to kill). Remember, a weapon can do their job if it used by the right person and the right aims. When tiger use its teeth to penetrate its prey, it is right way tiger chose because of its starveness. Just compare with ours. If our happiness or aim is sharing the good news to others, why not use our mouth, why not talking many words on it?

The melting down condition is just because we use the weapon in the wrong way to wrong person.

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