A Girl Be Friend to A Woman


This story is touching my heart deeply. It is a story about two friends, named girl and woman. It is not just an imagination, but the truth of life.

They are a girl and a woman be friend. They never live together in one specifit place, but earth. They seldom face one another. They’re separated by age and destiny.

The woman is a wife and mother for housband and little son. So far she’s walked on her own feet with no mom beside. It is almost the same that a girl just become a woman always need more attention and respect from her mom. She, the mom of a woman, will take care of her–a woman–in her changing period, her marriage, her pregnant, and tell her about the way of taking care her new born baby, keep it growing up in well condition, etc. In this condition, she hates freedom, she wants someone instruct her about all the things she should do. But, she does’nt. She has no mom beside. She does them all alone with the references of book, doctor, and her far aunties experiences. She cries because of her suffering from a mom touch.

While, the girl has the opposite experience. She lives as long as her life with her mom. She gets much attention and careness of her mom. She knows her mom always stands beside her in every contition and tells what should the girl does and doesn’t. But for the girl, close to the mom is raising some bad effects in her life. With her mom beside, she feels no freedom. She must follow all the instruction and willingness from her mom and bow down her own desires. She can’t choose what she likes, what will she does and how, who she wants to meet and to marrie with. Even the colour of her clothes and the salary she will get also must be followed her mom perspective. She cries because of her suffering from a freedom.

So, at one time, they meet in some place in the sky crying. The woman asked the girl why she cried. And the girl answered, “I’m losing my freedom because of mom. I want the freedom back and mom goes by”. And, when the girl’s turn was arrived, she asked why the woman cried. And the woman said, “I’m losing my mom because of freedom. I want the mom back and freedom goes by”.

Then the girl be friend to a woman.

Some time….it is some time, or now. We have to experience one or both conditions above. When they come just ask yourself, who mom for you is, not just for now, but life.

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  1. that’s what we call the difference… looked by two kind of perspective…nothing’s perfect in the world..

    berisi adalah kosong kosong adalah berisi
    *jd inget biksunya Gokong..hehehe

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