Time 2 Listen


Have i told you that my worst mark in TOEFL score was about listening? Hummmm….i got mentally exhausted in learning listening part. Someone has told me that i just need more time to learn, try to listen, listen, and listen every word in english they spoke. Hummmm….i was disgruntled about it. Is it just about try to listen? No….i think…TOEFL has its own strategies, patterns, ways to solved. And i think, they are must be learned. Then i try to find better person to satisfy me, the TOEFL expert. And i really met him. But…uhmmmm….the answer was the same as before. He said that i just need more time to try to listen, listen, listen, and listen carefully each word, phrase, sentence, then paragraph they spoke. Well, after this one, i walked in their shoes.

So, experts, is what i need  just time to listen more carefully? and then i’ll get better score in my toefl? So, is it  the only way? There’s no other simple way, isnt there?

Well, after my long devotion, i find one special thing related to “The time to listen”.

In one moment, i’ve ever written in some pieces of paper about my dreams. Hahahah….then you think that they’re just “dream” or just my own imagination? No. Why? because God has stated them to me. He’s promised to me about them. So, i could say something like i wrote.


One step i’ve been passing by proved that the promises didn’t become reality. In their (world’s man) words, they said that i was failed to reach that dream (which was considered as one step to my dream — based on God’s words). But, i still could say, it’s okay. Maybe not this one.


In the other moment, i tried again to follow (world) competition in gaining dignified position. I did it. God did it. Again. I was yelling. I did it. God did it. But at the third floor, they told me that i was failed again. I couldn’t complete my test well and failed to gain the dignified position.

Then my world was blue….

The promises coming from God’s voice sounded vague….

My world was blue….

Twice He let me failed in gaining position promised to me so far?

Then i got stomacache….i’m alone in my blue world…and i try to analyze…

Were the promises wrong? Or did i do mistake in listening to His Voice?

Oh, My God….

Then i heared one voice said whisperly….just do your part day by day….word by word….don’t think about the future and what kind of position you will get, just think about your now job from Me…I’m with You…even if you maka many mistakes…i’ll be right beside you, watch you out, and take care of you…and you know, i still in my promises…..you just have to take more time to listen me more carefully…like you did before.


I listen to whom?

Whose voice was it?

And then i realize, that to have a better skill in listening, we just have to take time to listen carefully….

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