Coffee Effect


This morning, i went to office with my best smile and power. Hehehehe…after the long early morning devotion, it seemed that i have new power and This new kind of smile was also painted in my face by The Creator. Yeah…this in the new performance of the creature.

Arriving in the office, i try to do something diffirent to balance my new soul performance. Huuummmmm….So, what the thing is. I go to the pantry and see a box of coffee creamer there. Yiaksss…..(Just for additional information, after i got stomachace due to coffee, i decide to make a hostility with thing called coffee. Coffee = monster of stomachace). But, wait, … is this the new of me? so, i may think that there will also be no bad effect if i drink a little. Its oke, Girl. I’m sure that you won’t get your stomachace. My heart said it to me and forced me to be closer to the thing (coffee). Put it in my glass. Poured a hot water on it. Stired it. And….here they were, a cup of coffee and me (ant and elephant, Jocker and Batman, enchantress and cinderella). But, it’s oke. Is it my new soul, isn’t it?

After long time no taste coffee, this day, October, 24th 208, i drink it. Hmmmm….i just drank a little. But, it was delicious. I tried more…more….and i drank a full cup of coffee.

One minutes……..No bad effect….Yes!

10 minutes……i’m still fine…..

20 minutes…..fine, its okay….

1 hour…..Horaiiiiiiii….it’ s right, my heart is right, there’s no stomachace anymore….Horaiiiiiiiii…..

But….welcome the headache, fast beat heart, sparkle like fireflies, weak body….

Coffee effect is that i can see stars in the morning.

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