Day 18th, Month of 93rd, The Last Month of This 2008



It looks like strange title, doesnt it?

Day 18th

It means that this day is 18th of December. Since 18 is our anniversary (of recommitment), i really appreciate in this sign of days.

Month of 93rd

March 2001 is the month of our recommitment anniversary. By using my computer calculator, i count down the number of month we have passed by. And the result is 93 months.

The Last Month of this 2008

This is December, and since it becomes the last month of this 2008, im berry glade. It means, wait one moment and we will have been in the new year.

By writing this title, i just wanna say “Praise You Lord, it has been 93 months you bless us with Your face though sometimes we understand not. And in this last month of 2008, You still show Your face for us”.

I and He praise You, Lord!

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