Learning without no-reason


Today, i follow english academic writing class in PCU. It’s a nice class with nice lecturer and nice classmates. They, my classmates, are lecturers too. Even, some of them have been mastered in their field proved by the degree they have had, such as S2, double S2, and doctor. And, one thing that make me shock is one of them is candidate of Petra english lecturer. This kind of class is inquiring me so. Why they, the experts, still have willingness to follow such a class (english class) like this. Don’t they have many things to do? Just compare with my own class (PSS class), the students of second smester said to me that they will be bored to be in class for a long time (2 hours).  

I don’t know, but i just believe that the process of learning can be successfully done just when there is willingness from our own to be there, to be processed, to listen, to ask, to contemplate, to find, without any kind of no-reasons.

Appreciate for my classmates (with age between 27-60), and i motivate to my student (age in range 19-20) to follow your learning process honestly and leave your no-reasons. Yes, we can!

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