What the most important of a class


What is the most important of a class? is it mark, quantity of students, statisfaction of both students and lecturer? This question have been hunting me since i’ve become lecturer. Today, i realize a value of a class lecturing.

After the class opening, suddenly a girl open the door, come with sad eye on her face. I pay my full attention on her without making any strange gesture until she sits on the very back row. ” God, it must be a proble with her, right?”, whisperly i ask. I ask her to come in front of class and explain something as my class homework. She stands up, walking through rows of other students and stand before them. She tries to explain something but no words can say. She doesn’t say anything instead of crying. “God, what should i do? I’ve never met a situation like this before”, whisperly i ask God.

I really know that the class also have a symphaty feeling to this girl. Therefore, i ask for class permission to take her out of the class and make a discussion with her for a while.  After the class allow me to go out, i and the girl make a private conversation. (firstly, because i don’t know what to do, i aks holy spirit to cover me and teach me what should i say to this broken heart girl). She’s still crying louder and louder before i ask her wheter something bad happen. She stops for a while and start saying something.

She say she wanna die for she can’t  carry the burden of her life. She feels everybody heats her, especially her family. She gives up for she can’t be understood by her closest people .

I just listen until she stops. Then, i say that there is just one person with whom we can surrender, that is God. Whatever we are, He will always accept us as His family.

Silent for a wile, she start saying. She convess’ that her relationship with God is in the bad condition. She feels she doesn’t need God anymore. How come? Once, her boyfriend, who is not believe in God, said to her that without God his sister still can reach a world happiness. So, what must be confused about. As a result, she leaves God.

At the end of her story, she asks me, “Miss, what should i do. I think God won’t allow be back. He must be heat me so”. Since i exactly know that the freedom is just in God’s words, i said, “Surrender to God only. Become deaf for world’s voice. Come back to God since He will always accept you in His rightousness”.

Silent for a while, she start smiling at me. (i really hope that smile refers to better feeling and becomes a sign that she will back to her Lord. “Oh, holy spirit, that is just You can heal her heart”, i pray).

After class, i take some times for self devotion. I was blind but now i see what is the most important of a class.

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