Land in The Cloud


In the shadow of your face i found love and life

which i’ve been looking for long time ago

You came to me, offered an innocent heart

always tried to understand the desire of this self

You played for me a song about  land in the cloud

In which, peace became it’s palace

and now you are bringing me up to go there

Truly, your heart is full of love languanges

which are spoken up exactly

in the happiness and sadness

( just for My Beloved Partner: Happy Anniversary, March, 18th 2009. Let’s pray and wait to hear this song in our blessed wedding day. I Love You)

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  1. Kita doakan sama-sama ya…Tapi besok kita latihan duet dulu ya,biar ga ngisin-isinke,hiihihi..
    ” HAPPY ANNIVERSARY” March, 18th 2009..
    I love you, so..

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